Digital Art

February 2, 2010

Yeah I know, I know, its been a long, long time since ive made a post here but in my defense I graduated from The University of Central Missouri and im still washing cars…anybody see a problem with that.  So yeah a brotha got depressed and got a bad case of f&*k it all.  But during that time I started looking into my Photoshop program and started working some stuff out, and im pleased with what im doing now.  So now that ive explained myself to y’all take a look at what ive been doing with my time.

This is a new project that im working on having to do with robots and cyborgs, I wanted to work small and get the basic idea and technique down, all in all im happy with how it turned out. ( Look at the arms)

This is a rework of an older photo I took for the Fly Society fashion show.  Below is how the how the picture originally looked.  I’m not gonna give out my secrets online for everyone to see, but if want to know hit me up on email and we can talk.  Sorry to those of you who are too shy to get at me, but I don’t bite (hard) ya dig.

What ive learned with this pic and technique is that being subtle works better for a look of a prosthetic limb. 

The next move with this series is turn some football pics into these kinds of subtle sci-fi type pics.  Keep an eye open for these pictures as I turn them out.

Next up we have “Words of Fire” or as my little god-sister called it ” I Spit That Hot Fire”

Now for this one I will give ya a little hint because its easy.  Open picture, drag fire in the photo, the fire that I used had a full black background so I set the blending mode to Screen.  that makes the black more or less disappear, then click on Edit and Warp, then mold the fire to how it looks the best.  Enjoy.

Next up to bat is a piece I call ” The Dancer Of KC”…man that title is corny!!! but im gonna work on it.

Too many steps to list.  What I will tell you is that All images that make this final image come from various stock photo sites. Thats all I got to say about this.

This montage I created when I was still in college in a little class called Advanced Digital Imaging, tought by one of my favorite ( and dry sense of humor having professors)  Wilson Hurst ( wish I took a picture of the teachers that helped mold me from a KC urban ghost, to the well rounded Photographer/Digital Artist you see here).

But to the montage I call ” Chaotic City” or as one of my stranger friends have called it “Shrooms”  I’m leaning toward the first.


All of the pictures here were all provided from the other members of the class, I decided not to even think of being realistic, unlike some of the other members of the class ( no offense to them).

The next two works are of my brother.  Thats about all I can say about it.

Yes theirs pink in this retro graphic, don’t hate.

This pic was a little harder than I thought it would be to create, but when the final image was complete it was worth it.

This here is a pic I put together called “Passion Fire” it to is a re-work of an old post from the Fly Society fashion show.

Yeah I know what your thinking this pic is HOT!!! (pun intended).  Below is how this pic originally looked.

Quite a change huh.  This is just a small show of the beginning of what im working on and my first step toward my dream of being the best photographer in the world.  Hope everyone out there supports and spreads the word of what im doing and ill do the same ya hear me, till next time… and it wont take 7-8 months next time.


10×20 Layouts

May 7, 2009

I have to admit, this is the first time that I have actually done layouts for press books seriously, and it took me some time but I think im starting to get the hang of it.  As you can see, the spread below is a poster style, not exactly what the professor asked for, but I still think it works a bit…and its my first design (I think that you can tell where things start getting better as I progressed).











High Key with a kick #6

April 30, 2009






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Action Images

April 9, 2009





These are some old images of mine that I have put into photoshop and put some actions to.  I chose to go a little passive today because these are not edgy images.

Couples Shoot #4

April 9, 2009


I know that this particular photograph has nothing to do with the concept of couples photography but I thought that you would like to see what a gangsta Oompa Loompa looks like.  And may I add:

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do,I got a gangter Oompa Loompa for you, Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee, if you are wise you’ll listen to me. 

This just ain’t the your typical cat, he’s liable to hit you with a bat, when your on the ground he’ll say “What you think of that!!!”  What do you think will come of that… I don’t like the look of it .

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-da, if your not froggy you will go far, you will live in happiness too, just dont test the Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do… (doom-pa-dee-do.)

Now that I got that out of the way, the picture above and the following photos were shot at the Pharaohs Fashion Extravaganza.  For this post for my class I decided to link up some of the male models, with some of the female models so that I could make up some nice couples photos.








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Coming soon… the rest of the pics from this fashion show will be coming soon.  So be patient and holla atcha boy.

Senior Style #5

April 2, 2009


For my senior style pics I decided to step away from my own comfort zone of shooting black people and instead shot my friend Fahad.  Creating his pics had its similarities, and issues.  But im not going to talk about the issues right now.

For More of Fahad’s pics Click here, not there but right Here






Location Strobe #3

March 12, 2009


I started work with a new group of musicians, the group is called Sexellent.  They are a mix of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Techno dance music.  I was first introduced to this new group when a friend of mine Young Hinus ( who I have photographed before) joined up with them, and I was overjoyed to do this work for them, they begin they’re tour next week and im looking forward to working with them again. 







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